Announcement Staff

Read church announcements to enlighten the congregation of current and future activities taking place.

Beautification Ministry

Consists of members who wish to volunteer their time and talent for the building of God’s Kingdom here on earth by taking care of God’s house without being compensated from a monetary standpoint.


Buy food and prepare meals as needed in connection with meetings, funeral and other programs.

Daily Bread (Sign) Ministry

Ministering through biblical thoughts to everyone and to keep the public informed of “Special Days”.

Excursion Ministry

Coordinate and help plan trips that the church takes including arranging transportation, hotel rooms and activities.

Facility Coordinator

Open and close the church, oversee repairs throughout the church, setup and break down chairs and tables for events taking place in the Family Life Center. Responsible for the up-keep of the church building and   other functions necessary to accommodate the needs of the church.

Nominating Ministry

Works to the glory of God under the Holy Spirit. Keeps peace within the membership and creates an air of spirituality. Helps the spiritual growth of church. Reach out amongst the congregation to find members that are interested in taking on vacant roles in the church.

Pastor’s Appreciation Ministry

Pastoral Appreciation is a great opportunity for individuals and the church, as a whole to show their love and appreciation to our pastor. As with anything of value, it requires time and planning. Since God has sent us a pastor for such a time as this, giving thanks and appreciation to our pastor is really showing thanks and appreciation to God. Therefore, this Ministry enlightens the congregation of how we should show love to our Pastor.


Designed to help promote upcoming events in the newsletter, newspaper, radio stations, and bulletin boards throughout the church to keep church members informed.

Picnic Ministry

Organize and plan our annual church picnic which offers the congregation an opportunity to fellowship with one another and our sister church’s in a fun, safe and relaxed minor. The ministry plan games, and other events for all age groups, and furnishes various type foods. Recruit volunteers to help carry out the fellowship.

Vacation Bible School

Affords everyone an opportunity to learn together through diversified class groupings. It is help for three nights at a fast pace.

Volunteer Ministry

This ministry consists of members who wish to volunteer their time or talent for the building of God’s Kingdom here on earth without being compensated from a monetary standpoint.

Christian Education

To know that we are created for Jesus Christ (Col. 1:16). We are to be educated in knowledge and wisdom in making right choices, walking worthy of the Lord and being fruitful in every good work in servicing others.

Good News Club

A weekly Christian program for ages 5 to 12 year old featuring Bible lessons, songs, memory verses, and games. It is a Child Evangelism Fellowship, which creates the curriculum, for the entire school years. Teachers are trained to be presenters of the Bible. Children have the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Living Our Vows Everyday (L.O.V.E)

For couples those who are planning to be married and are already married. Classes are designed to help plan and prepare for a successful, fruitful marriage by including Godly principles.

New Member Counselors

Help those who want to make a decision for Christ through scripture and prayer and aide in the decision making process to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.


This is a Summer Youth Enrichment program for youth ages 5- 15 years old. The program offers academic enrichment in reading and math. Youth development activities such as photography, sports, fishing, Kids in the Kitchen, and STEM.

Sunday School

Classes are available for all age groups. They are taught by a staff that is prayed up, studied up, and ready to teach at 8:30 a.m. every Sunday morning.

Tutorial Ministry

This ministry is designed to help minister to the total man by serving the educational needs of the church.

Wallace L. Downs Scholarship Committee

A ministry by which the church offers scholarships to students who want to attend colleges or universities of their choice. There is certain criterion that must be met before one can be a recipient of the W. L. Downs Scholarship.

Children & Youth Ministry (K-12th Grade)

Special classes are held to increase their knowledge about Christ. They are informed about salvation and provided skills to develop their Christian life in order to help others.

Nursery Service

The role of the Nursery Service is to care for newborns and young children. Excellent care of our children is provided during our Sunday Church School hour and morning worship service.

Seasoned Adults (Age 36-59 years)

The Seasoned Adult Ministry try create increasingly deeper fellowship with our fellow Christians, to continue to look for opportunities to minister to others, to be a source of core support for our church. To share experiences, and encouragement to them, and to learn to worship wholeheartedly here on earth as we eagerly anticipate worshiping in Heaven.

Senior Saints (Age 60 and Over)

Monthly fellowships with education outings periodically during the year.

Singles Ministry

This ministry is serious about serving Christ and His people. The more committed we are to our community of faith; the more we can express the love of Christ. Community Outreach Service is a part of this ministry. To fellowship amongst one another and study what God will have us to do as singles.

Wellness/ Fitness Ministry

This ministry within the church is very important, because of the health benefits it can provide to all members. While healthy eating choices are key factors in improving one’s health and fitness level, nothing else is as important as exercising on a regular basis. We encourage members to participate in the exercise program at church.

Young Adults (Age 18-35 years)

Consists of young adults between the ages of 18 – 35. Ministers to the needs of all young adults without separating them from the membership.

Youth Counsel Coordinator

Oversee various program areas within the youth and teens ensuring safe, fun, and positive environment activities are planned.

Young Men’s Society

A mentoring program for young males (ages 10-18) that need role models during their adolescent and teen years. They are given inspiration and encouragement.

Young Women’s Society (YWS)

A mentoring program for young females (ages 8 – 18) that need role models during their adolescent and teen years. They are given inspiration and encouragement.

Bus Ministry

Travel over the city streets bringing members and visitors to the church services. Travel to out-of-town functions when necessary.

Christmas Cheer

Partner with the Public School District to adopt children and families in the Wyandotte County area during the Christmas season.   Represent the love and caring spirit of Jesus Christ in providing care by sharing the spirit of Christmas in such manners of: Peace, and Love.

Civic Action Ministry

Educate and keep members informed of upcoming public events, election dates, social justice issues and changes affecting the community.

Life Skills & Job Preparation Ministry

How to help prepare individuals for the job search, teaching basic job preparations skills, and documentations such as resumes, cover letters and job applications and understanding what the job search involves and to decide what type of jobs you are interested in.

Media Ministry

Records worship and special services on CD’s and DVD’s. Maintain a master tape of all services so that they can be provided for members or guests upon request.

Music Ministry

Comprised of various choirs and makes a vital contribution to all worship services. Supports the Pastor in ministering to other churches.

Nurses Corp

Staffed with qualified, licensed nurses who are on duty at each service to meet the congregation’s needs.

Photographer Ministry

The role of the photographer is to record the still images of our high school and college graduates and other events that take place within our church that will inform the congregation of special events. The photo records can be preserved for generations to come; it is also a method of keeping and sharing memories.


Designed to ensure the protection of the congregation and grounds while attending services and the protection and safety of our business office.

Usher Board

Consists of all age groups: Youth, Young Adult and Senior Ushers. Makes members and visitors feel comfortable and lends spiritual dignity to the entire church service.

Bobby A. Stewart Church Growth Ministry

Designed to keep the entire membership close to the church family. Send correspondence to the visitors.

Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)

An advocate for children who become involved involuntarily in the court system.

Drama Productions

Presents religious interpretations of scriptures in an art form, song and/or dramatic acting by our very own talented membership.

Evangelism Ministry

This ministry carries out Christ’s mandate of presenting Jesus to those who are lost, and persuading people to become His disciples and members of His church.

Health Care Resort of Kansas City

Minister to the Residence of the facility, in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Journey to Healing (Grief Ministry)

Ministering to those who are suffering from a loss. Help members cope with caring for those who are terminally ill. In addition, for persons who care for others who need support.

Mission Ministry

Demonstrates increasingly God’s love in action as represented by acts of service in-reach and out-reach. Minister to nursing homes, sick and shut in, and service bereaved families as needed, and attend funerals.

Prayer Ministry

It is a wonderful prayer ministry that welcome all who wish to have special prayer or if they have any questions relating to prayer. This ministry is available on Sunday mornings.

Prison Ministry

A ministry committed to fulfilling the commission of Jesus Christ to go and make disciples, to come to know and accept Him as their personal Savior. To demonstrate and teach the love of Jesus to incarcerated men and women.

Program Committee

This committee is responsible for selecting programs and scriptures for our various church programs, also reaching out to find persons who are willing to take an active part in the program.

Widows Ministry

To come together to discuss issues of life that are meaningful to comfort and minister to one another. To have active fellowship once a quarter.

Associate Ministers

Assist the Pastor.


Oversee policies and procedures which establish the type, amount, and frequency of assistance to individuals or families who request assistance. Administer benevolence resources as needed.

Brotherhood Ministry

Involves all the men of the church in praying and studying the Bible. They are supportive in various church activities. They volunteer their time and resources by ministering to the sick and needy. Bears witness of Christ to all people everywhere on the job, on the streets and places where people congregate.

Deacon Ministry

Work to the glory of God under the Holy Spirit. Keeps peace within the membership; creates an air of spirituality. Helps the spiritual growth of church.

Deaconess Ministry

Serves church by assisting with communion services. Assists with baptizing females members, ministers to the sick and comfort the bereaved.


Works to the glory of God under the Holy Spirit, and assists the Pastor with the administration of Church affairs.

Men Leading the Charge Ministry

Men who have the character, integrity and purity of Christ, it is the active pursuit of men in order to connect them to God, His Word, and other men for the purpose of winning, and growing in Christ.

Minister’s Wives

We live for God in being grateful for the life He has given us as Minister’s Wives and we are partners being committed to God, and our husbands. Our purpose and position is to edify our lives to encourage, and love our husbands and the church of God, and to share Christ. Our goal is to be a witness for the edification of the church for kingdom building.